Awards & Nomination Process

There are nine awards being presented this year, and each has unique criteria that all successful applications must meet. Each application requires a $200 nomination fee, but all fees will be donated to our charity of choice at the conclusion of the awards. Click here to learn more about the SCAPAs philanthropic efforts.

The award evaluation process is as follows:

All nominations must be made by DATE and will then be gathered and evaluated for suitability by the SCAPAs organizing committee: Scott Luton, Amanda Luton, Enrique Alvarez, Philip Ideson, and Kelly Barner.

Suitable applications will be evaluated by the Supply Chain Now leadership team and show hosts.

A final review of all top ranked awards will be presented to our Executive Advisory Committee: 

        • Deeds, Not Words Leadership Award
        • Building a Sustainable Future Award
        • Champions of Humanity Award
        • Reimagining the Power of Procurement Award
        • Technology Trailblazer Award
        • Delivering Change Through Digital Transformation Award
        • Building a World Class Logistics Ecosystem Award
        • Unsung Hero Award

Winners will be announced live during the awards ceremony on December 8, 2021